15 June 2017

With us - Layla Frost (loved the first half of the book, the second one took me by surprise and shocked me)

contemporary romance that turns into a dark romance (without any warning!)
Amato series #1
this is the fourth story I read by Layla Frost and I expected to love it
because I enjoyed her other three ones a lot
and the start into the book was great for me
I once again loved the writing style
and enjoyed reading about Theo and Dahlia
I enjoyed that their romance got some time to develop
and in general enjoyed spending time with all of the characters
ok, Theo is the kind of male character that might not work for every reader
but I didn't have any issues with him
and then things changed in ways
I wasn't prepared for
(some spoilers will follow)
up until about 45% I was reading this nice contemporary romance
and then all of a sudden I'm finding myself in a dark romance
in which killing people belongs to the family business
in which the family business is some kind of mafia-like thing
and no, comparing Theo with a modern Robin Hood did not make things better for me
it actually made things worse
because there was nothing romantic, sexy or heroic about what the Amato family did for business
I have to state that most dark romances don't work for me
I'm just not ok with some lines being crossed
even though I'm at times pretty flexible about stuff like vigilantism 
had I known that "With us" would turn into a dark romance
I'm not sure if I would have started with the book
but nothing in the synopsis prepared me for it
and not just the overall direction of the story didn't work for me in the second half
I was also pretty disappointed by how Dahlia acted
and who the traitor was and why he betrayed the family
seemed illogical and just too constructed
I'm very conflicted about this book
yes, I enjoyed the first half of the story a lot
but then I struggled with the direction of the plot, the suspense and the mafia stuff
in the second one
at first I was super excited to go on with the series
but now I don't feel excited any longer
because I'm sure that the family business will play a prominent part in it
if you enjoy darker romances
then this novel could be something for you
if you are a fan of mostly cute romances
then this is not the book for you. 


  1. Yikes! I'm not a fan of dark romance at the best of times, but especially not when it comes out of nowhere like that! Personally, I think that there should've at least been something in the synopsis to warn readers about it. I'm a cute romance lover, so I'll definitely be passing on this one.

    1. Exactly, with dark romances I always expect a little disclaimer. That way I can decide before buying the book if I want to read it or not. I'm a bit sad that I will not be able to go on with this series, because I still love the way Layla Frost writes. Hopefully there will be a lighter series in the future.

      I'm personally also not a fan of dark romances, I don't get their appeal at all, especially when gangs, drugs or mafia like system are involved.

      Happy Reading!




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