12 June 2017

The perfect stroke - Jordan Marie (an entertaining romance with some flaws)

Lucas Brothers #1
sexy contemporary romance
I downloaded this book spontaneously
when I saw it being offered for free
the romance sounded sexy and entertaining
and that's exactly what I was in the mood for
it's a story about two people who at first glance couldn't be more different from each other
and still there is this immense attraction between them
he is a player
she leads a quiet life
they shouldn't have a chance for a future together
but they still want one
"The perfect stroke" was an entertaining romance
not a perfect one
especially because the male main character was at times a bit hard to like
especially in the beginning
and I didn't need the drama at the ending
but I still had a good time with the story
and I'm thinking about going on with the series. 

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