10 June 2017

The girl who could see - Kara Swanson (fascinating plot, execution could have been better)

The girl who could see
Urban Fantasy, around 200 pages
such a fresh plot
a young woman who sees things nobody else does
who doesn't believe in what she sees
who struggles against it
because she fears the consequences of being declared insane
but what if she is the only one who sees what is going on
if she is the only one who can save the world?
I was super excited to see what the author would make out of this plot
but I couldn't believe in the world she created
thought that both the characters and the world were a bit underdeveloped
and the romance didn't work for me at all
this could have been an amazing story
but unfortunately not all of its potential was used
I still had an ok reading experience
but was hoping for way more
if you like Urban Fantasy novels
this might still be worth a try.  


  1. I really like the cover tho, so I might give it a try :)

    HannahCassie @ www.psilovethatbook.com

    1. The cover is actually one of the things that drew me to this cover, it's beautiful and makes you interested in finding out what it stands for.

      Happy Reading!




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