10 June 2017

Shacking up - Helena Hunting (I didn't expect this to happen)

Shacking Up
stand-alone contemporary romance
my reading experience with this book
was a weird one
I usually enjoy the books by Helena Hunting a lot
especially her light-hearted, sexy romance are often perfect for me
so I expected to love "Shacking Up"
unfortunately everything that was going on in the story
left me completely cold
I didn't laugh out loud
didn't feel connected
wasn't interested in the romance and the characters
reading "Shacking Up" was surprisingly frustrating
I'm still hopeful and pretty sure
that the next book by Helena Hunting
will once again be a hit for me
btw, I will not read the companion novel to "Shacking Up"
because I don't want/need more of any of the characters I met in this book.  

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