14 June 2017

Nice dragons finish last - Rachel Aaron (my issues with paranormal books continue and it's not the fault of the book)

#1 in the Heartstrikers series
and yes, all book titles in the series are as smart and funny
when I think about paranormal novels
I have to say that is has been an interesting journey in the past years
from big love to doesn't work for me any longer
of course there are exceptions to the rule
like "Bitter Spirits" which I recently read and enjoyed
or recent books by Anne Bishop
but other than that it's hard and frustrating
and still I'm not willing to give up on the genre
because I know that even if out of ten books only one works for me
it's still worth it
but unfortunately "Nice dragons finish last"
wasn't that one book
because once again I couldn't believe in the paranormal world the author created
and still I enjoyed that it wasn't your typical paranormal story
it's not about the super paranormals
it's about those who are seen as weak
as not worthy
I also enjoyed the author's writing style
and overall her plot stood out in a good way
if only I could have believed in the world Aaron created
if you are a fan of paranormal books
then this is one you should definitely check out. 


  1. Oh no, another book falls to your troubles with paranormal reads. I'm glad there were parts you enjoyed at least. It's awful when you realise you've got a 'it's not you it's me' situation going with certain genres. I suppose, at least you can recognise the problems you're having aren't the books fault but it's still can get frustrating. You have reminded me I've forgotten to get the second book in this series, though. I will have to fix that.

  2. What a bummer! I absolutely love this series, but I can see how it'd be hard to get into if you can't buy into the world. My favourite thing about these books is the emphasis on kindness as a strength, and on a type of guy who isn't all alpha and domineering all the time. Hopefully your next venture into paranormal books works out better for you!




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