23 June 2017

Megan Bakerville series - Petra Röder (German contemporary romance that didn't work for me)

Plötzlich verliebt ... verlobt ... verheiratet
contemporary romance
stories #1-3 in the Megan Bakerville trilogy
I'm always looking for German stories to read
because I honestly don't read enough books in my native language
the Megan Bakerville series sounded charming, entertaining and funny
so pretty much perfect for me
after reading it I have to say
that the three stories couldn't convince me
I struggled with the humour
many of the funny scenes didn't make me laugh
and I had issues with taking the female main character seriously
and the dramatic developments towards the end of each story
were just too much for my taste
so no, this German contemporary romance series didn't work for me.


  1. I usually love funny romances, but there's nothing worse than reading a line that you know is meant to be funny but you just have no desire at all to laugh at it. Sorry to hear this didn't work for you - hopefully the next German book you read will be more up your alley!

    1. I think a few years back the humour would have worked for me better, but somehow I no longer enjoy certain kind of chick-lit plots and heroines, heroines a la what Sophie Kinsella wrote a few years back. When I meet these kind of characters in books now, I get annoyed by them quiet quickly.

      Happy Reading!




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