05 June 2017

Looking back at the books I read in May 2017 + plans for June

When I look back at May and the books I read, I have to say that the month was just ok. There's only one book that stood out for me and that's "Oil and Honey". This book made me very excited to read more by Bill McKibben, I love his way to talk about environmental issues.

Many of the other books were good, some ok or even bad. But hey, not every month can be as great as April was. 

In May I read/ listened to

In June I hope to continue with reading a lot of the ebooks that I have on my mac. I also want to focus on the print books that have been on my TBR pile for more than six weeks. 

And I want to finish my recent sorting out books round. This time I'm mostly concentrating on romances and I have already let go of about 30 books. They no longer are essential for me and I can live without them. 

Which books stood out for you in May? And which plans do you have for June?


  1. May was just okay for me too. :( Voyager by Diana Gabaldon took up over half my month. It was good but there were a few misses the rest of the month. June looks like it's going to be a good reading month for me! I tried to pick a balanced amount of genres.

    It stinks when you have a lot of choices and nothing was particularly awesome. I hope June is much better for you!

    1. Thanks! It's good to hear that June is looking like it's going to be a great month for you. So far my month is also pretty good with a nice balance of hits and misses.

      Happy Reading!




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