14 June 2017

Little Black Dress - various (four short contemporary romances surrounding one little black dress, I enjoyed all of them a lot)

contemporary romance
four shorter romances by: Layla Frost, Brynne Asher, Sarah Curtis & Sarah O'Rourke
I mainly bought this book because of the story by Layla Frost
I have read two full-length novels by her and enjoyed them
so I wanted more
I didn't know anything about the other three authors
but decided to still give this book a chance
and I'm so happy that I decided to buy the novel
because all four contemporary romances worked for me perfectly
I loved that each author had her own voice
that I enjoyed all four stories even though I often struggle with shorter stories
that all four romances were sexy, emotional, light-hearted and cute
that the stories were loosely connected
and that this one little black dress changed something for each of the women
helped them getting their happily ever after
yes, some of the stories are a bit stereotypical
but this didn't bother me at all
while reading this book I was entertained well
I had to smile a lot
and my emotions were involved
when I finished the book I was one happy reader
after reading "Little black dress"
I'm excited to read more by all four authors
because I want more of their romances. 


  1. I haven't read anything by any of these authors, but I do love short story anthologies! I've never actually read a romance-centric anthology though. This book looks like a great way to test out some new-to-me authors!

    1. I often struggle with anthologies, so this was a very nice surprise for me.




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