04 June 2017

Goodbye Paradise - Sarina Bowen (couldn't keep me interested)

m/m romance
I listened to the audio book 
if you follow my blog you know
that I adore some books by Sarina Bowen
however struggled a bit with most of her latest romances
and unfortunately that continued with "Goodbye Paradise"
I enjoyed the start into the story
the first chapters made me excited for more
I liked both main characters 
and was excited to see how their romance would develop
but then the middle part of the story seemed to be a bit flat
things felt too drawn out
there wasn't enough going on to keep me interested
and the ending didn't make things better
the last chapter was sweet
however the chapters before just didn't work for me
and I really struggled with the fact
that there would be no legal consequences for what happened in the cult
as with a lot of the last books by Sarina Bowen
there are some things I enjoyed about the story
but there are also some things I wasn't a fan of
I think "Goodbye Paradise" would have worked for me better
as a shorter book
maybe even a novella
I will continue to give books by Sarina Bowen a chance
and hope that there will be another winner soon
because otherwise things are getting a bit too frustrating. 


  1. It can be really frustrating when there is a conflict in the book that is just sort of left unresolved. I'm sorry this one ended up not working out for you. Hopefully the next one will be better!

    1. I'm hoping the same, I really need one of the next books by Sarina Bowen to be amazing for me.

      Happy Reading!




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