09 June 2017

Come Sundown - Nora Roberts (a good book, however not my favourite romantic suspense by the author)

Come Sundown
romantic suspense, stand-alone
usually I love all books by Nora Roberts
and her newest romantic suspense novel definitely gave me a good reading experience
but not a great one
I was entertained by the story
but it's not a book that will stay for me
as so many other books by Nora Roberts have
the suspense part made me a bit uncomfortable
but I guess that's what is supposed to happen in a suspense book
the romance was nice
but I wanted more of it
wanted more details
more time with the main characters
wanted them to spend more time together
a few years ago I loved ranch settings
nowadays they often don't interest me
that made it hard for me to get lost in the world of "Come Sundown"
and even though I grew up with horses
I don't need to read about them in fiction books I'm reading
all in all I had a good time reading this book
however compared to other romantic suspense novels by Nora Roberts
it wasn't my favourite. 

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