14 June 2017

Caraval - Stephanie Garber (set in a fascinating world, but as feared magical realism and I aren't a perfect mix)

magical realism
#1 in the Caraval series (trilogy?)
I finally did it
I read "Caraval" and gave magical realism another chance
I told you some time ago - here - that in the past I struggled with the genre
but that I enjoyed the excerpt of "Caraval"
so I decided to get and read the book
it took me months to finally pick up the book from my TBR shelf
I was nervous and excited
excited about the fascinating world Garber created
and nervous about my reaction to the elements of magical realism
let me start with what I liked about the story
I enjoyed the author's writing style
it was very easy to get into a great reading flow
and I could see all of the characters as real people
that's something I always love
the plot was at first fascinating and fresh
however as soon as the story started to contain more and more elements of magical realism
I started to feel lost
I lost the good connection to the story I had before
it's time to for once and all realise
that magical realism is something that is not perfect for me
my brain has trouble to make sense of what is happening in worlds with magical realism
and that makes it hard for me to enjoy stories with it
however if your brain is not as weird as mine
then "Caraval" might give you a fascinating reading experience. 



  1. I've been reluctant to actually pick this one up, just based on how much hype there is surrounding it! I do like magical realism, but I have to be in the mood for it. I've mostly been reading realistic fiction lately. Good on you for trying it out though! I've heard the writing style is amazing. Thanks for the review!

    Cass @ Words on Paper

    1. I think it's important to give books you are unsure about a chance from time to time. Because otherwise you limit yourself and that could lead to being bored. And of course being open minded is always good.

      I think that if you like magical realism, then this book could be a good choice for you, it's maybe not worth of all the hype it got, but still good and fresh.

      Happy Reading!

  2. This one was disappointing for me too. I had a hard time getting into this world. I thought the story was all over the place, too.

    Nice cover, though! I have the US edition but this one looks great too.

    1. It's sad when you can't connect to a story, but it happens and we readers have to live with it. The UK hardcover edition is even prettier, especially underneath the dust jacket.

      Happy Reading!




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