11 June 2017

Bitter Spirits - Jenn Bennett (great start into the series, I can't wait to read more)

paranormal sexy romance 
#1 in the Roaring Twenties
you know that in the last months, years even
I struggled with most of the paranormal books I read
so I was a bit nervous about starting with "Bitter Spirits"
the book combines the charm of the twenties with occult elements
especially ghosts
I loved that
from the get go I enjoyed reading about the main characters
loved the romance that developed between them
was excited by the paranormal elements
and how they were built into the world Jenn Bennett created
I honestly didn't expect the story to be so sexy
but liked that as well
overall I had a great reading experience
and already ordered the other two books in this series. 


  1. Sounds brilliant. I mean, if you've not being enjoying paranormal books recently hearing you liked this one definitely makes me want to check it out. It already seemed like an interesting series but I may have to move reading it up my list.

    1. I think this book is great for those readers, who like some paranormal aspects, but don't need/want too much of them. The focus oo the story is on the main couple and their romance and I think that's why the book was so good for me.

      Happy Reading!




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