15 June 2017

Bad Penny - Staci Hart (an entertaining + sexy contemporary romance)

contemporary romance
connected to books like "Tonic"
but can be read as a stand-alone novel
as always with books by Staci Hart the cover design is great, sexy and fits perfectly to the content
check out this site for more teasers and beautiful images
I usually have a great time with romances by Staci Hart
her books are full of energy
they are sexy, at times sweet and funny plus always emotional
and "Bad Penny" was all of that
from the get go the story and especially Penny made me laugh and smile a lot
Penny is a character who lives her life completely different to mine
how she acts would never feel good for me
and still I loved reading about her
never felt judgemental or something like that
I loved her honesty and how outspoken she was
Brodie was also a good character
and the scenes between him and Penny were mostly light-hearted, funny and sexy
I also enjoyed the friendship moments
especially between Penny and her friends
the one thing that wasn't perfect for me about "Bad Penny" was the ending
there is a conflict between Brodie and Penny
that splits them up for a short time
I was ok with the overall reasons of the break-up
but not that Penny's ex was used as a catalyst for it
that seemed a bit too predictable and constructed
but once that was over and they finally talked about their feelings
all was back to being great
and I'm definitely interested in reading more romances set in this world.

PS: I hope that in the future the author will offer her ebooks on my sites than just one. 


  1. That cover is absolutely fab! Penny sounds like a really cool heroine, and I'm very intrigued by her. I love reading books where you really connect to a protagonist who's nothing like you - that's a sign of good writing in my opinion. Thanks for putting Staci Hart on my radar, Sabrina!

    1. So true, I always love when the happens.




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