28 May 2017

Windfall - Jennifer E. Smith (loved Alice, struggled a bit with Teddy)

young adult contemporary
coming of age with some romance
I was super excited to read this book
because other books by the author belong to my favourite YA/NA ones
and the first part of the book gave me everything I was looking for
interesting characters
an unique, fresh plot
and fascinating developments
however the more I read of the book
the more I realized that Teddy was missing some depth
I couldn't connect to him as I could to Alice
I could never see Teddy as a real person
I didn't have these issues with the other characters
I loved reading about all of them
as a consequence I wasn't that interested in the romance
between Teddy and Alice
what I loved was seeing how Alice changed throughout the story
how she grew stronger and went after what she wanted
I also enjoyed how choosing the college you want to go to
was handled
how the pros and cons were considered
how supportive Alice's aunt and uncle were
all in all I enjoyed "Windfall"
but also have to say that the book could have been better
with a Teddy with more depth
and more time to grow
this could have been an amazing YA book. 


  1. Jennifer E. Smith's early books are some of my favourite YA contemporaries, and she can usually be counted on to deliver a solid story and compelling characters; so disappointing that Teddy wasn't more interesting! When a fantastic character and a blah one are paired together like they were in this story, the inevitable comparisons between the two always make the latter character seem even *more* poorly developed.

    1. A Teddy with a bit more depth would have made this book into an amazing story. But still I'm hopeful that the next book by Smith will be once again amazing for me.




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