23 May 2017

The Dark Days Pact - Alison Goodman (was the ending really necessary?)

Regency adventure combined with supernatural aspects
#2 in the Lady Helen series
after reading and enjoying "The Dark Days Club" last year
I finally read the second book
this time it was a bit easier to connect with the characters
to feel at home in the world Alison Goodman created
she has written a fascinating and fresh story
with complex characters
and a plot
that not always worked for me perfectly
especially some developments towards the end of this book
didn't work for me
however I'm hopeful
that they will move into other directions in the next book of the series
I had a good time with "The Dark Days Pact"
and would recommend the series to readers of historical books
who also like supernatural aspects. 


  1. I recently read this and I agree with this book working far better than the first. THe pacing is faster the characters feel more developed and the story was gripping. I did get totally frustrated whilst reading as well. I mean, I didn't mind the ending... or I did but I expected it. I just really, really hated the Duke. He felt like this annoying character who was put there just to annoy you. It affected my enjoyment of the book but I enjoyed the book as a whole.

    1. So true, every scene with him was annoying, even just reading his name started to make me mad. :)

  2. The author and book are both new to me. Thanks for the review.

    1. I love "Eon" and "Eona" by the author, the duology belongs to my favourite fantasy series.

      Happy Reading!

  3. Regency and supernatural can be a fun mix. :) Sorry the ending was a bit disappointing, but hope the next one is great! :)

    1. The mix sure id fun and interesting, I'm definitely excited in reading more like it.

  4. I agree that this one was much easier to get into than the first book! Maybe because Goodman spent so much time developing the world in book one, because in this one it felt like we got into the action right away. Honestly I loved it, but I agree...that ending though. It sounds like you, Becky, and I are all members of the "End Duke Selburn" club, haha.

    1. I'm definitely in this club, he needs to go away asap.




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