28 May 2017

Textrovert - Lindsey Summers (an ok YA romance)

young adult romance
this book was one of the recent new releases I was unsure about
the story sounded good
but I wasn't sure if it would have enough substance in the long run
in the end I decided to give the story a try
and have to say that my fears came true
I enjoyed the author's writing style 
and in the beginning the characters and the plot
however the longer I read
the more I lost interest in what was going on
there wasn't enough to keep me fascinated
especially the characters didn't offer enough in the long run
I never managed to see them as real people
and I also had issues with some developments of the story
all in all this was an ok YA book
nothing more
nothing less. 


  1. Bummer! When I'm reading YA contemporaries, I find that I can get quite bored if I don't connect with the characters, which sounds like exactly what you experienced. Sorry to hear that the plot went in a direction you didn't enjoy as well. Hopefully your next read will be more enjoyable!

    1. Exactly, whenever I have trouble to connect with the characters, I get bored by the story quiet easily.




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