05 May 2017

Pipe Dreams - Sarina Bowen (it's time for a break, the books by Bowen no longer work for me as well as they used to)

#3 in the Brooklyn Bruisers series
sports romance
I struggled with the first book in this series
and unfortunately didn't enjoy it that much
I overall enjoyed book #2 even though some aspects weren't perfect for me
and now it's time to talk about the third book
I expected to enjoy it
because I thought that Lauren was a very interesting character
I enjoyed reading about her in the second book of the series
and also in the first half of "Pipe Dreams"
I was rooting for her
she had a lot on her plate
worked hard to achieve her goals
and I had a lot of respect for that
I liked her personality
I wanted her to be happy
but unfortunately not with Mike
the male main character of "Pipe Dreams"
I tried to like him
but couldn't
he didn't have that much depth
and I couldn't believe in his love
in the depth of his emotions
he did too little too late
the more Lauren interacted with Mike
the less interested I became in her
because I just couldn't care about him
and so I also struggled with the romance
compared to the books by Sarina Bowen I love
the first three books in the Ivy Years series
and Him + Us
"Pipe Dreams" was not as strong
the story wasn't fresh
the characters couldn't convince me
and the ending didn't work for me
I guess I was supposed to get emotional and be touched
but I didn't feel anything
besides being bored
so far the series hasn't been perfect for me
will I still read more books in it?
I'm not sure if it's really worth my time
I need to think about taking a break from books by Sarina Bowen in general
because everything that came after "Us" wasn't perfect for me
I want to give her story "Goodbye Paradiese" a try
but then it might be time for a break
btw, a lot of readers have loved  reading this series so far
so be sure to check out what other readers have to say about the books. 

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