09 May 2017

Oil and Honey - Bill McKibben (a great non-fiction book)

Oil and Honey
I listened to this book about Bill McKibben's fight against the Keystone XL pipeline
and loved every second of it
McKibben's clear and powerful way to write
his thoughts about life in general
personal struggles and doubts
the detours into the world of bees
his insights into how politics work in Washington
into the Obama administration
into being an environmental activist
were fascinating
the mix of all of that was perfect
entertaining and thought-provoking
never boring, always motivating me to do more myself
to speak up more often
to engage with others who care about the future of our planet
btw, before listening to this book
I had already heard about the Keystone XL pipeline
through a German newspaper
it was fascinating to learn more about it
in German media Obama's presidency is often described in a very positive way
but it's rarely mentioned
that he was pretty conservative in some of his positions
that maybe he wasn't the great green president
some portray him as
I definitely want to read more by Bill McKibben
next up is "The end of nature"


  1. It's been ages since I've read a good non-fiction book, but this one sounds awesome! I've been following Keystone XL (everyone in Canada has, haha) and I'm familiar with McKibben's activism from the news, so I feel like I should definitely pick this one up.

    1. This book made me super excited to read more by McKibben, I'm right now listening to "The end of nature" and ordered another book just yesterday. I just can't get enough of McKibben. ;)

      Happy Reading!




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