09 May 2017

Letters to the lost - Brigid Kemmerer (the last third of the book didn't work for me)

Letters to the lost
young adult contemporary
main topics are coming of age, dealing with grief + loss and family issues
what happens
when someone answers a letter
that wasn't supposed to be read by anyone?
an emotional and very personal letter full of grief
frustration and anger
when the anonymous persons says
that they share your grief
when you finally start feeling less alone
what will happen then?
I loved the premise of this book
it sounded so emotional and special
my reading experience can be summarised like this
the beginning was great
the middle part good
the ending just ok, too unbelievable and too constructed
so yes, I loved the start into the book
could from the get go believe in the main characters
and could feel what they were feeling
however not all plot developments made sense to me
some seemed to be a bit too constructed
I also think that both main characters should have been able
to figure out who the other person really was
way before they managed to
some developments at the ending
especially regarding the family of the male main character
didn't ring true to me
plus his family was missing some depth
especially the mom
so overall I have to say
that when I think about
"Letters to the lost"
I mainly think about all of the potential the story had
and wonder why not all of it was used. 


  1. Isn't it such a disappointment when a really strong story has a sub-par ending? It sounds like this one was so close to being a great read, too.

    1. Yeah, especially because a bad ending can overshadow everything that happened before.

      Happy Reading!

  2. It sucks you didn't like the ending. I mean, I get what you're saying, the ending was quite convenient in a sense. All the things fell into place in a way which didn't always feel believable but I really loved the book. Maybe it's because I felt a strong connection with it and the characters and the feelings of grief or maybe I'm easily swayed. Either way, it sucks that it didn't quite work for you when there was plenty of potential with the story.

    1. I guess because my connection to the characters wasn't as strong as yours, the ending was worse for me. And because some developments before the ending had already frustrated me, I wasn't willing to accept the ending.




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