12 May 2017

Kindling the Moon - Jenn Bennett (it's me, not you)

Kindling the Moon
book #1 in the Arcadia Bells series
I love the two YA contemporary romances Jenn Bennett wrote
now I finally read one of her paranormal adult books
I expected to fall in love with the story
and partially that happened
but unfortunately not completely
in the first chapters the info dumping made reading a bit exhausting
 after chapter four or so things got better and I had a good time with the story
I enjoyed reading about the main characters
they were all pretty interesting and special
how their relationship developed
was great and made me happy
the plot was interesting and at times surprising
the one thing that didn't work for me
was the paranormal world Bennett created
not all aspects of it interested me
I couldn't believe in every detail of the world
something similar has happened to me a lot in the last months, years even
I struggle with a lot of books that aren't set in the contemporary world
regardless of whether I read paranormal, fantasy or historical books
I'm rarely completely convinced by the created worlds
I'm drawn to books set in the now like crazy
and it's rare that a non-contemporary can make me fall in love with it
even though I didn't love "Kindling the Moon"
if you are a fan of paranormal romances
I would definitely recommend this book to you. 


  1. Sorry to hear this one didn't work for you, especially as Bennett's YA books did. by the sounds of it it was one of those 'it's not you it's me' moments which is always more annoying when it comes to not liking a book. You can tell it'll work for others but something just doesn't click for you. It's a book I want to check out and hopefully I won't have the same experience so fingers crossed.

    1. It was definitely the case of "it's not you, it's me". That's why I would still recommend this book to other readers and fans of paranormal stories, I think many will love the world and story.

      Happy Reading!




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