11 May 2017

Every little thing - Samantha Young (I don't like the Devlins and I want them gone from this series)

#2 in the Hart's Boardwalk series 
contemporary romance
I listened to the audio book
back in December 2016 I read 
the first book in this series
some things I enjoyed about the story
others didn't work for me
for example the storyline surrounding the evil Devlin family
I wasn't sure if going on with the series would make sense
in the end decided to give book #2 a try
this books also provoked some mixed feelings
I loved reading about the main characters 
and their romance
I also once again liked the setting
and how the community members supported each other
but once again I had serious issues with the Devlin family storyline
I just want them do disappear
but fear that one of them might even be the hero
of one of the upcoming books in the series
the Devlin's don't add anything thrilling or interesting to the series
they just annoy me
I plan to look at who the main characters in book #3 will be
then I will decide if I want to read the story or not. 


  1. So many great books out there, why stay with a series you don't fully love? Hard decision if you like an author's work.

    1. I generally like giving series and authors second or even third chances, because even if out if ten books this only works with one, it's still worth it for me.

      Happy Reading!




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