02 May 2017

Beneath this ink - Meghan March (I didn't like what I discovered beneath his ink)

Beneath this ink
#2 in the Beneath series
contemporary romance
a while ago I read "Beneath this mask", the first book in this series
I had a great time with the story
so of course I wanted to read the next book in the series as well
I finally did it
and I'm sad to say that #2 didn't work for me
throughout the whole book I struggled with the male main character
I didn't like him at the beginning of the story
and I didn't like him at the end of it
there were too many moments
in which he acted like an asshole
yes, in some scenes I enjoyed reading about him
but these scenes were too rare
I also thought that the plot was a bit too constructed
not natural enough
because I struggled with the male main character
I also struggled with the romance
right now I don't plan to read the other books in this series
at least I enjoyed the first book in it. 

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