06 May 2017

April turned out to be an amazing reading month

The month of April started out slow, until the 8th of the month I had started various books, mostly ebook, but hadn't finished anything. I started to fear that April would be as slow and disappointing as March had been.

But then everything changed. First I read two good books, then two amazing ones. What followed was a month in which I managed to read a lot and overall had a great time.

In April 2017 I read

✦ = good books, ♥ = great books. Click on the book titles to read my reviews on the books.

This month five of the books I read were wonderful, that's a number that makes me extremely happy. And four other books were good, another number that pleases me. Ok, some of the other books, especially some of the ebooks, I read were pretty disappointing, but this month I don't care about it. 

Thanks April for being such a wonderful month, let's hope that May will be as amazing. 

Did you have a good reading month?


  1. I loved Alex. Such a great book. ��

    1. I agree, it's such a wonderful and happy book.




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