21 May 2017

A high-end finish + This old homicide - Kate Carlisle (not my favourite cozy mystery series by the author)

A high-end finish + This old homicide
cozy mystery
books #1 + #2 in the Fixer-Upper Mystery series
I love Carlisle's other cozy mystery series
the Biobliphile Mysteries
so I also expected to enjoy this one
I read the first book last year and wasn't sure about it
now I bought the second book and read #1 + #2
unfortunately I did not have a fantastic reading experience
I couldn't connect to the characters
and the main character being interested in two guys
and having a hard time deciding between them
is a no go for me when reading a cozy mystery
I think I gave this series a fair chance
but it's not for me
I will continue to read the Bibliophile Mysteries
but will stay away from the Fixer-Upper one. 


  1. I'm so intrigued by cozy mysteries! They're crazy popular at the library, and although I love a good mystery, I've never picked up a cozy. It sounds like the Bibliophile series is a better place to start than with these books, though!

    1. A few years ago I read cozy mysteries regularly, now I only read the Bibliophile-series by Carlisle. I'm giving other series a chance here and there, but so far none has been a hit for me.

      Happy Reading!




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