10 April 2017

We are okay - Nina LaCour (a story about family and grief with a powerful & beautiful ending)

contemporary new adult (set in the first semester at college)
books like "Hold Still" and "Everything leads to you"
plus the short story "The End of love" (part of "Summer Days & Summer Nights")
belong to my favourite YA/NA novels
Nina LaCour creates characters I deeply care about
she creates stories that become part of my life
so of course I was super excited for her new book
with 234 pages it's a rather short one
and it's all about family and friendship
it's about loss and grief
about coming to terms with mixed feelings about someone close to you
the story is centred around Mabel visiting Marin at college
back home in California these two were best friends
but for months now Marin has been evading Mabel
something happened that she doesn't want to talk about
but it's Christmas and Mabel is there for Marin
the book focuses on the now
the time Mabel and Marin spend together
but also on the past
what happened with Marin's life a few month ago
what happened between Marin and Mabel
bit by bit we learn why Marin left home without a word
why her past is haunting her
why she is so lonely
her backstory seemed a bit too constructed
and that made it at times hard for me to understand Marin's emotions
her reasons for not accepting help by people who love her
the relationship between Marin and Mabel was a fascinating one
wonderfully real, rich, complex and emotional
and the ending was one of the most powerful and beautiful
I've ever encountered in a book
not everything in "We are okay" was perfect for me
and still the book touched me deeply
so if you are in the mood for a book that is perfectly described by
"an intimate whisper that packs an incredible punch"
like it says on the back of the book
then get yourself a copy of "We are okay" and read it.


  1. Hold Still is one of my favourite YA contemporaries, if not my number 1 favourite, so We Are Okay has been on my TBR for quite some time. Admittedly I've been holding off on reading it because I thought it sounded too sad, but after reading your review I think it's time to pick it up. A beautiful ending is tough to pull off, so I want to see how LaCour does it!

    1. The ending is definitely beautiful and full of hope, otherwise the story would have been hard to stomach for me.

      Happy Reading!

  2. Hello new visitor here :)

    I love the way your write your reviews! so unique and clear :) I've been really excited about this book! I feel I don't read enough contemporaries so made up a list of MUST READS and We are Okay is in it. Seeing lovely reviews of this book everywhere! Definitely will be reading it soon! Great review again!


    1. Thanks and hello! I started with this review format last year because the old one no longer worked for me. So far I'm really happy with keeping things relatively short and on point.

      Happy Reading!

  3. This one sounds like even though it's short it will stick with you. I've never read a Nina Lacour. We Are Okay sounds like a good place to start!




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