23 April 2017

Twist - Kylie Scott (another great contemporary romance, April is the month of love!)

contemporary romance
I read the first book in the series
last year
it was an ok to good book
after reading it I wasn't sure
if continuing with the series would make sense to me
but because I love Scott's Stage Dive series
I decided to read on
now that I read "Twist" (listened to, the audio version is a great one)
I'm so happy that I gave the book a chance
that I gave the series a second chance
because I loved "Twist"
beginning to end 
it's a romance after my own heart
likable, interesting characters I could believe in
a beautiful romance
that started as a friendship
nearly got destroyed by a lie
but then got a second chance
and even though I wanted to shake the male main character twice
I still liked him
there are also some hot scenes
plus a plot that worked without constant drama
and even the secondary characters were interesting
so yeah, I loved my reading experience 
and think I might go back to "Dirty"
because I want to give it a second chance
the next book in the Dive Bar series
will focus on my so far least favourite character
so I'm a bit hesitant about the story
but because "Twist" was so great for me
I definitely plan to go on with the series
if you like contemporary romances
then "Twist" might be just the book for you. 

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