19 April 2017

The Hot Shot - Kristen Callihan (a beautiful sports romance, I love this series)

#4 in the Game on series
sports romance
I love the first three books in this series
so I preorderd this ebook
which I rarely do
and read it on its publication day
books 1+2 are new adult romances set in college
books 3 + ongoing are set after college
the male main characters are now NFL players (in books 1+2 they play college football)
to be honest I think that football
is one of the most boring sports I ever
and still I love the series
because Kristen Callihan makes me feel everything that is going on
she makes me believe in her characters
I can see them as real people
while reading her books
I'm constantly smiling
and have a damn good time
Chess and Finn's story
is everything I was hoping for and more
from annoyance to attraction to friendship to love
I loved their journey
loved how real their relationship felt
could understand their doubts and issues
loved how they managed to solve their problems
that both were willing to work on their relationship
ready to risk something for love
it's rare that all books in a series are nearly perfect for me
so the "Game on" series stands out
especially because the books keep getting stronger instead of weaker
I hope that there will be more books
some of Finn's team members need their own stories
I want to see them find the women and man they can love and trust
if you like romances
especially sports romances
then please give this series a chance
it's a wonderful and very entertaining one. 


  1. The fact that you love these books despite hating football speaks volumes! I've read the first two books in the series and really liked them, I've got to get caught up soon. Enemies to lovers stories like this one are some of my favourites.

    1. Whenever someone says football I always have to think about our European football (which I dislike as well), aka soccer. I will never understand why American football is called that way when the ball is mostly thrown around.

      Happy Reading!

  2. I know how you feel about enjoying the book even though you're not into the sport. I feel the same about every sports romance I've read. Glad to see these books just get stronger as they go on as that is the sign of a good series and a strong writer. I feel a strong urge to go and purchase all of the books in the series, they have been on my TBR for a while and this when is hate to love which is a trope I love. Definitely going to be reading.

    1. I love that the stories get stronger as the characters are growing up and now are adults. Seems fitting.

      Happy Reading!




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