28 April 2017

Replica - Lauren Oliver (the concept of the book didn't work for me)

young adult dystopian
one book, two stories
set in a world were replicas exist
human clones that live in a special institute
when the lifes of Gemma and Lyra collide
everything will change
nothing will stay the same
when I heard about this book I was fascinated by its concept
I decided to read the book chapter by chapter alternating between Gemma and Lyra's story
so I was constantly turning the book
and using two bookmarks to not lose track of the story
this made it hard for me to get into a good reading flow
the writing style was unspectacular
as were both Gemma and Lyra
I should have been fascinated by their lifes
but wasn't
I was bored by their stories
and couldn't believe in the world Lauren Oliver created
so no, Replica was not perfect for me
this is the third (fourth?) book by the author I read
and so far nothing has worked for me
I think it's finally time to stop reading Oliver's books
they are not for me.

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