03 April 2017

Reading wrap-up March 2017: It could have been better

March wasn't the best reading month for me, it was actually one of the slowest I had in years. Four of the books I read made it hart for me to get into a good reading flow and I should have given up faster on them than I did. Then I could have concentrated on the books I actually enjoyed. Lesson learned. 

In March I read

stars = books I liked, didn't love
hearts = great books

The best books of March were two young adult novels, namely "You're welcome, universe" and "The one thing". These two books made me excited for more, made me excited to read other books, made me happy and glad to have these stories in my life.

I'm hopeful that April will be a bit more exciting, that I will read a lot of good books.

Did you have a good reading month?


  1. I also had a terrible reading month in March. I hope April is better for both of us.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Dito. Let's hope that April will be a wonderful month full of lovely and fascinating books!

      Happy Reading!




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