06 April 2017

Interesting book releases in April, May + June

Let's talk a bit about the new releases I'm interested in in April, May and June. I'm not going to buy all of the mentioned books, but some for sure. Some books I have already preordered, others I'm not sure about and I have to read more about them to make a final decision.


  • Alex, Appropriately - Jenn Bennett (YA, a must, preordered)
  • Spindle Fire - Lexa Hillyer (the story sounds great, but I'm not sure about the fairies)
  • Unearthly Things - Michelle Gagnon (a modern Jane Eyre retelling that sounds great)
  • Waking Gods - Sylvain Neuvel (book #2 in a  SciFi trilogy, adult, #1 was interesting, so maybe I will go on with the series)
  • 180 seconds - Jessica Park (new adult set at college)
  • Geekerella - Ashley Poston (Cinderella with geeks)
  • Twist - Kylie Scott (adult contemporary romance)


  • Windfall - Jennifer E. Smith (YA, already preordered, one of the books I'm most excited for this year, I love the contemporary YA books by Smith)
  • Books of a feather - Kate Carlisle (paperback, part of my favourite cozy mystery series, a must)
  • Eliza and her monsters - Francesca Zappia (YA contemporary, what happens when the world online and the real world collide, sounds amazing)
  • Outrun the Moon - Stacey Lee (historical YA with a kickass heroine, at least that's how it sounds like)
  • When Dimple met Rishi - Sandhya Menon (I like the sound of this book, however I'm not completely sure about the plot, I could have issues with some details)
  • Textrovert - Lindsey Summers (sounds like a cute story)


  • Once upon a spine - Kate Carlisle (cozy mystery, a must)
  • Come Sundown - Nora Roberts (romantic suspense, of course already preordered)
  • The girl who could see - Kara Swanson (200 pages long, about a young woman who sees things others don't, turns out that she doesn't have hallucinations, she's the only one who sees what's going on and needs to save the world, sounds very good)


There are three ebooks I'm interested in in the next three months. I will definitely buy "The Hot Shot" and "Shacking Up", however I'm not completely sure about "Stay". I was a bit disappointed in "Good Boy", book #1 in the series, and the main character of "Stay" unfortunately doesn't interest me that much. So I'm not sure if reading the book makes that much sense, we will see.  

  • Stay - Sarina Bowen + Elle Kennedy (contemporary sports romance)
  • The Hot Shot - Kristen Callihan (contemporary sports romance)
  • Shacking Up - Helena Hunting (contemporary romance)

Which books do you plan to buy in the next three months?


  1. This list of books is just reminding of all the things I want to read. I'd even forgotten some of them. I had forgotten the next Dive Bar book was coming out soon, it sounds right up my street so I seriously want a copy I just need to read the first one! I also really want to try Kristen Callihan's sports romance series, I don't know why I've not read it yet.

    1. I just love the series by Kristen Callihan, there is some drama but it's not too much, the stories are fresh and all of the characters are great. The series is right now actually one of my favourite sports romance series, something about the way the romances are written is just perfect for me.

      Happy Reading!

  2. There are so many amazing books on the list! I'm so excited for Geekerella, When Dimple Meet Rishi, and Alex, Approximately!

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. These three books definitely sound amazing. I got and read "Alex, Approximately" a few days ago and loved it. The book was published here in Germany in the German translation months ago and it was pretty hard for me to wait for the original and to not buy the translation.

      Happy April and Happy Reading!




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