24 April 2017

Heartless - Marissa Meyer (the world of Alice in Wonderland is just not for me)

fantasy, stand-alone
I bought and read this book because I adore The Lunar Chronicles
it's one of my favourite series ever
I bought and read "Heartless"
even though I'm usually not a fan of stories surrounding "Alice in Wonderland"
because it's a world that doesn't fascinate me
that I don't enjoy reading about
but I decided to risk something and give the book a chance
"Heartless" is the story of the Queen of Hearts
before she became the Queen
when she was a normal girl
looking for love
it's a fascinating and tragic story
that made me sad
a story whose ending you know before reading the book
at least if you know the Queen of Hearts
from the Alice in Wonderland world
I'm usually not a fan of tragic stories without a happy ending
and that's exactly what made it hard for me
to have a great time with "Heartless"
as usual I loved Marissa Meyer's writing style
I love her imagination
the world she built was colourful and interesting
and still not perfect for me
I'm always looking for happy books
books that make me smile
so '"Heartless" was worth a try
but unfortunately not the kind of book I enjoy reading. 

What's next?
I still have to buy & read "Wires & Nerve" by Marissa Meyer
and of course her upcoming book/series
sounds great, so of course I plan to buy and read it. 

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