28 April 2017

Havoc - Jamie Shaw (a good ending to the series even though I had some issues with the plot)

#4 in the Mayhem series
new adult romance concentrating on four band members
I've read and enjoyed the first three books in this series
some parts were a bit too dramatic
but somehow Jamie Shaw made it work for me
I was super excited for "Havoc"
because Mike was a character I enjoyed reading about in the past
he's the calm member of the band
always there when other's need help
he watched his three band members and friends fall in love
always hoping to meet someone himself
someone strong and steady
someone to love
everything changes when his ex appears back into his life
drawn to him by his new status
by the fame his band achieved
she wants Mike back
together with his ex comes her cousin Hailey
who isn't impressed by fame
but soon by Mike's personality
what starts as a friendship 
soon changes into something else
something that complicates Hailey's life
but that might be worth risking everything
I loved the first half of the story
loved meeting Hailey
loved getting to now her and Mike better and better
I enjoyed reading about their friendship and also their romance
the conflict between Hailey and her cousin unfortunately didn't work for me
that's why I struggled a bit with the second half of the book
when a lot of scenes focused on this conflict
overall this was still a good book
but one that could have been better for me
will I read more by Jamie Shaw in the future?
for sure
she writes stories that entertain me
that make me excited for more
and of course I love that. 

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