27 April 2017

Five contemporary romances I read but unfortunately didn't love

April continues to be a month in which I focus on reading the unread contemporary romances I own, especially the romances I own in ebook format. Five of these romances weren't perfect for me and in this post I want to concentrate on them. 

Summer of Irreverance - Cathrine Goldstein

I usually enjoy romance with rock stars, but this one didn't manage to satisfy me. I wasn't interested in the main characters, especially the female main character just didn't interest me. As a consequence I wasn't emotionally involved when reading the story and the romance didn't make me swoon.

Confessions of a reformed tom cat - Daisy Prescott

Another romance with characters I couldn't connect with, plus the male main character got on my nerves. I didn't enjoy reading about him at all. I decided to DNF the book around page 60. 

Heart's a mess - Kylie Scott

I enjoyed several full length novels by Scott in the last years, this is the first novella I read by her. Unfortunately I couldn't connect with the main characters, I just didn't get the chance to get them to know well enough. And that's why the romance wasn't one I could get excited about. 

Sugartown: The Collection - Carmen Jenner

This is another romance I decided to DNF. From the first pages on the dialogues didn't work for me, something about them bothered me. Plus I couldn't believe in some of things that were going on and wasn't the biggest fan of the characters. So no, this books was definitely not for me. 

Perfect Sense - Amanda Cowen

When reading sports romances I usually don't mind when male main characters act a bit cocky and arrogant, but there are limits to what I can stand. And the male main character in "Perfect Sense" was just too exhausting and unlikable for my taste. Plus I hated the overly dramatic ending and don't plan to read more in the series. 

Happy Reading!

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