08 April 2017

Das Institut der letzten Wünsche - Antonia Michaelis (a German book I wanted to love but couldn't connect with)

Das Institut der letzten Wünsche (The institute of last wishes)
adult contemporary, stand-alone
German book, no English translation available
Antonia Michaelis is a popular author here in Germany
many readers enjoy her adult and YA books
and I had one of her books on my wish list for a long time
I knew before reading it
that "Das Institut der letzten Wünsche" would be an at times sad and even tragic book
because the story is all about last wishes of dying people
and the institute that tries to fulfil them
I was prepared to cry and to get all emotional
I was prepared for my heart being broken
but that didn't happen
there was nothing bad about the story, the characters or the writing style
but something was missing to make me feel connected
to be part of the story
to feel deeply
from the first scene on
- our main character is trying to transport a pony via the public transportation system in Berlin -
I felt as if I was a stranger surrounded by people who know each other
I couldn't laugh in funny moments
didn't feel a lot in tragic ones
even the ending left me cold
there just wasn't any book/reader chemistry in this case
that's at times hard to accept
but you can't change it
at least I finally gave a book by the author a try
even though it turned out that here stories might not be for me. 

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