08 April 2017

City of Saints & Thieves - Natalie C. Anderson (a YA thriller that left a lasting impression on me)

young adult thriller, contemporary
fled from the Congo and hoping for a new life in Kenya
life brought a violent death to Tina's mom
since then she has been alone
living on the streets as a thief
looking for vengeance
in a world
in which the lines between good and bad are not always that clear
I knew before going into the story
that it could be a bit too dark and intense
too tragic and sad at times
and I usually prefer watching documentaries about serious issues
like what happened to many women in the Congo conflict
than reading about them in fiction stories
btw, I actually was aware of the conflict before reading this book
and still the story sounded to good and special to not give it a try
and looking back at my reading experience
I didn't regret it
however I also didn't love "City of saints & thieves"
I liked the writing style and the world building
it's a special, at times cruel and complicated world
in which Tina tries to survive
tries to make sure that the people close to her heart stay safe
Tina was a great main character
she learned the hard way to be tough
to take what she needs
there are little moments of hope and light in this story
more wouldn't have fit into the world
and still I missed them
I love light-hearted books
so "City of saints & thieves" was at times a bit too much for me
and still I'm happy that I read it
if you like intense and at times gritty YA books
then "City of Saints & Thieves"
could be a perfect story for you. 


  1. I do like a grittier, darker read from time to time, so this sounds like it might be right up my alley. Like you said though Sabrina, I need my dark reads to have little moments of hope and light the way that this one does. And it's been a really long time since I've read a book set in Kenya!

    1. This was actually the first book set in Kenya I have read. I need to keep my eyes open for more set in the area, especially light-hearted books. Or non-fiction ones. I guess some topics just work better for me in non-fiction formats.

      Happy Reading!




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