18 April 2017

Alex, Approximately - Jenn Bennett (love at first sentence, a delightful story about artful dodgers)

Alex, Approximately
contemporary YA romance, stand-alone
one of my most anticipated books of the year
ever since reading and falling in love with "Night Owls" (The Anatomical Shape of the Heart)
I was super excited for Bennett's next YA story
and when I then heard that the plot would be based on movies like "You've got mail"
I got super excited and stayed this way until I finally got my preordered copy
I try to not let my expectations get too high
but this time I just couldn't prevent it from happening
so going into the book
I was a bit nervous
what would happen if the story didn't work for me?
but these doubts disappeared pretty much after reading the first sentences
of "Alex, Approximately"
because it was love at first sentence
from the first words on I felt connected
felt as I was part of the world Bennett created
I felt what the characters felt
loved getting to know them better and better
loved how the romance developed
had to constantly smile and laugh
was so charmed by everything that was going on
beginning to end
this book was pretty much perfect for me
"Alex, Approximately" is a mostly light-hearted young adult novel
that conquered my heart
that made me happy
and so excited for more by Jenn Bennett. 

You can find my review on "Night Owls" here
Jenn Bennett is also publishing two paranormal adult series
I plan to read the first book in both series in the next weeks. 

Btw,  I love how well my UK editions
of "Alex, Approximately"
and "Night Owls" fit together.


  1. I'm so excited to read this! As a fellow fan of films like You've Got Mail, I was a bit worried that this book wouldn't live up to the premise, but it sounds like it defied expectations. A charming contemporary is right up my alley at this time of year!

    1. I was also very relieved to see that Jenn Bennett used the general concept of "You've got mail" but that she also added something fresh and charming to the story.

      Happy Reading!

  2. I need this book in my life yet even though I live in the UK it is nowhere to be found. I am just going to have to order a copy online and wait for delivery. I'm glad to see you enjoyed it as I've heard so many good things I'm a little nervous. happy to hear it's not a disappointment.

    1. It's sad to hear that you can't find the UK version in bookstores. Of course I had to order mine online through my local bookstore, because they don't have any English titles, but I'm used to it.

      The German translation was published months ago and at times I was tempted to buy and read it, now I'm happy that I waited for the original.

      Happy Reading!




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