27 April 2017

180 seconds - Jessica Park (a new adult romance that made me cry my eyes out but I still loved the book)

new adult romance
a few years ago I read Flat-Out Love and enjoyed the book a lot
later I somehow lost sight of Park's new releases
a few months ago I heard of "180 seconds" and immediately added the book to my wish list
because the story sounded special and appealed to me
now the book has been released
I bought the ebook version and immediately read it
now I'm ready to share my rapture about this special book
"180 seconds" is an amazing new adult romance
intense, full of fascinating characters and a romance that touched me deeply
I loved the whole 180 seconds idea
loved getting to know Allison and Esben
loved how Allison changed throughout the story
how brave she got
how she started to let new people into her life and heart
the romance between Allison and Esben was wonderful
fast-paced in some aspects
relatively slow in others
I loved that they talked openly about their first time
about what they were willing to do and what not
right in the middle of the story I was sure that something dramatic would happen towards the ending
but I didn't expect it to be so bad
I had to cry like crazy
my poor little heart got broken over and over again
the ending fit perfectly to the story
it was full of hope and love
and the 180 seconds once again played an important role
the one thing I have to critizise
is that social media is presented in an almost exclusively positive way (besides in two scenes)
I personally wouldn't agree with that
I loved everything else about this NA romance
and plan to buy a print copy of "180 seconds" soon
because Jessica Park has created a wonderful and emotional romance
that I fell in love with. 


  1. I'd heard of Flat Out Love from Jessica Park and then not really looked into any of her other books but this one sounds brilliant. I tend to shy from NA but this sounds like it's well worth a read. Sure, it may portray social media as far more positive than it is in reality but the book and the characters sound like I'll enjoy them even if it will make me cry like crazy. I'll just have to make sure I don't read in public.

    1. Please do so, because otherwise people might think that something is wrong with you. I have a talent for reading very emotional books on the train/bus, it's not a talent I'm happy about. ;)

      Happy Reading!




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