08 March 2017

You're welcome, universe - Whitney Gardner (such a strong and special YA book)

young adult
themes are families, friendship, coming of age, expressing yourself
"You're welcome, universe" is a book
that I won't be able to forget any time soon
it's a powerful story
with a strong narrator
who is at times angry
but there's also hope and love
the story focuses on family and friendships
and I loved that
after reading a few chapters
I thought I knew what would happen next
I expected the focus to shift towards a romance
but that never happened
and even though I love romances
for once I was happy that there wasn't one
because it would have gotten in the way
it would have taken space away from other story lines
that needed all the space they got
Julia, the main character of the novel,
is a lot of things
she's deaf, has two moms and is of Indian ethnicity
nothing of this felt constructed
Julia is Julia
nothing more, nothing less
she is the girl on the cover
head to toe
I loved how being an artist and especially graffitis
were incorporated into the story
it was done in a seamless and beautiful way
I loved all of the illustrations
they added so much to the story
and even though I had a great time with this book
there were some things I struggled with
in the third part of the book
 Julia's anger was a bit too much for me
it seemed over the top
too prolonged
and some of my questions weren't answered
plus I wanted to know more about YP
and her background
but other than that
"You're welcome, universe"
was a strong and special book
that I enjoyed reading
and that will stay in my thoughts and heart
for a long time
btw, this book made me realise
that I want/need more books that focus on friendships. 


  1. This book sounds great so I'm glad I've given in and ordered myself a copy. I am also glad to hear that it's a diverse read which is done well. I can forgive the MC being angry because when I think back on my teen years my emotions and reactions were definitely OTT and may have been frustrating. I can't wait to start reading.

    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will enjoy the book. I also plan to get the print version one day, the graffitis should be even better on paper than in the ebook.

      Happy Reading!




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