03 March 2017

Wrap-up February 2017: Gemina was even better than expected

February is over and it's time to look back at the month. I managed to read a good number of new books. I could have read more, but some days I wasn't in the mood to read and other days I decided to reread old favourites by Nora Roberts and Stephanie Perkins. I'm totally fine with both things, because they are part of who I am as a reader. 

In February I read

♥ = I loved the book
✦ = A good book that wasn't perfect for me, however I still enjoyed it a lot
DNF = Did not finish

When I look at the books I read "Gemina" definitely stood out, it's my favourite book of the month. I also enjoyed books like "Echoes in Death", "A thousand letters" and "Lodestar".

Some books were entertaining, but didn't manage to fulfil my expectations, for example "Good Boy" and "Pucked Off". 

I read three non-fiction books and I learned something from each of them, in March I want to continue to add non-fiction books to my reading mix. 

Overall February was not the best reading month, the majority of books didn't manage to touch me deeply and didn't stay in my heart, however it also wasn't a bad month. Let's hope that March will be a brilliant month filled with wonderful books. 

Which great books did you read in February?


  1. I'd say you've had a decent reading month although I hate when you look back and realise that although you read plenty nothing really stood out to you. Hopefully March will have a few more favourites for you. You are making me want to read Gemina, though. It's been sat on my shelf since Christmas, maybe I should pick it up.

  2. Making time to reread your favourite is definitely important, I think! Sorry to hear that you didn't love Good Boy, I'm hoping that I'll enjoy it a bit more than you did. And I need to read Gemina ASAP!




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