19 March 2017

Undeclared - Julianna Keyes (a New Adult book I enjoyed)

Burnham College #2
a few months ago I read "Undecided"
the first book in this series
I had a good time with the story
so of course I was excited for the second book
and I'm happy to say that I also had a good time with "Undeclared"
even though compared to "Undecided"
the story was maybe a bit weaker
my reading flow was not as perfect
but once again I liked all of the characters
and the plot
I enjoyed how the romance and the characters developed
even though the romance could have been a bit stronger
I especially enjoyed how Kellan changed throughout the story
how he finally made decisions
that were important for his future
I also enjoyed that the story wasn't as dramatic
as some other NA books 
will this book stay in my hearts and thoughts forever?
I don't think so
but I had a good time reading the story
even though it wasn't without flaws
but that was ok for me
because Julianna Keyes
 writes her stories in a way
that gives me a lot of entertainment while reading
and of course I like that.  


  1. Glad to see you enjoyed it even if it doesn't quite compare to the first one. I'd heard a couple of people say they struggled with this second book a bit so I was a bit uncertain if I'd want to pick it up but glad to see you still enjoyed it and liked the characters.

    1. After I read the first book in the series I had pretty high expectations for #2, but then I realised that even though I enjoyed "Undecided" while I read it, I couldn't remember a lot of the details. That helped me with not expecting too much of the new book, I was just looking for an entertaining NA romance and that's exactly what I got.

      Happy Reading!




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