14 March 2017

Summon the keeper - Tanya Huff (maybe another time ...)

Summon the keeper
#1 in the Keeper Chronicles
let me start this review by stating that I didn't finish this book
not because the story was bad
or the writing style didn't appeal to me
however every time I tried to read the book in the past weeks
my mind started to wander
it was hard for me to focus on the story
I'm not sure if it's because I wasn't that interested in reading in general in the last weeks
or because the story itself wasn't perfect for me
"Summon the keeper" has an old-fashioned charme
which I usually enjoy
I also enjoyed the paranormal aspects
and a cat who speaks is of course a plus
so maybe I will give this book another chance in the future
we will see. 


  1. I remember reading and liking this one, but it's been a few years ago.

    Sometimes the brain isn't into a certain type of book.

  2. Talking cats in books are always so fun, aren't they? I really need to read something by Tanya Huff one of these days, since she's a pretty famous Canadian author (and I'm Canadian too)!

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  4. I hate when you just can't get into a book and it's no fault of the book you're just completely not in the right mood or mind frame for it. Sounds like that may have been the case with this book. Give it another chance later on and see if the same thing happens and then you know it's the book and not you.




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