12 March 2017

Counting Thyme - Melanie Conklin

middle grade
Thyme loves her life in San Diego
but when her brother gets the chance to get into a drug trial in New York
the whole family has to move
and Thyme has to start anew
new school, new city, hopefully new friends
"Counting Thyme" is a story about new beginnings
and struggling with them
about letting go
and grasping new chances
one of the reasons why I bought this book
was because I read a lot of reviews by readers
young and adult
who were seriously impressed by the story
who described it as very emotional
after reading "Counting Thyme"
(who names their kids after spices?)
I can to some extent agree with these statements
but not completely
yes, the story was interesting, beautifully written and at times my emotions got involved
but not as often as I wanted to
too many passages left me cold
didn't manage to touch me deeply
I wanted more depth for all of the characters
I didn't get enough
to build a good connection to them
I would label this book as ok to good
a story I enjoyed reading
but that didn't give me what I was looking for
I think this is a story
that will work better for younger readers
for whom this story is primarily written for
(Thyme is eleven years old)
especially young readers
who are struggling with changes
with a big move
and/or sick family members. 


  1. I really struggle with middle grade because as you mentioned, I usually want more from the characters than we end up getting from them. Thyme sounds like a great heroine, even though she has an unfortunate name!

    1. I would definitely not want to be named after the German version of thyme, I think you wouldn't even be allowed to pick the name, a German registrar's office would surely say no to it.

      Happy Reading!




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