29 March 2017

By your side - Kasie West (ok, but didn't use its potential)

contemporary YA
in the past I loved some books by Kasie West
for example "The distance between us"
I usually like the author's way to create YA romances
without too much drama and dark times
so of course I was pretty excited for "By your side"
and when I then read that part of the story is set in a library
I couldn't wait until my preordered copy arrived
now that I have read the book I have to say
that the story wasn't bad but unfortunately couldn't convince me
that there were too many flaws to make me fall in love with the book
too much potential wasn't used
the library scenes were surprisingly boring
and I never felt a good connection to the main characters
they were missing some depth
will I read more by Kasie West in the future?
yes, I plan to do so
but I'm going into the the next book by the author with lower expectations
and don't plan to preorder my copy.


  1. I've seen a lot of people express their disappointment with this book, which I think is largely due to it being set in a library (at least for part of it). Book lovers expect things set in a library to be epic - as well they should - so when they're not, it's a massive let down. For now I'll stick to West's other books!

  2. I've read a few Kasie West books but I've not read her most recent couple and from the reviews I've seen around I've not missed much. I will definitely check out more of West's books but I'll keep waiting for the reviews first.




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