01 February 2017

You are here - Jennifer E. Smith (let's go on a road trip)

contemporary young adult
coming of age with a bit of romance and a road trip
what happens when you discover that you had a twin brother?
one who died shortly after his birth
when you feel lost within your family
not connected, not as if you belong
and the only way to reconnect is going on a road trip
to visit your brother's grave
this is what "You are here" is all about
even though I'm not the biggest fan of books with road trips
I enjoyed this book
as usual I enjoyed Smith's way to create stories
she managed to make me feel a lot
to believe in her characters and their emotions
her books aren't loud and overly dramatic
they don't need to be
she manages to create special stories in a quiet way
which I appreciate
a lot
compared to other books by Jennifer E. Smith
"You are here" might be not as strong
especially the romance was a bit lacking
and still it was a good book
that I enjoyed reading
I can't wait to get my hands on her next book
once it's out
because I'm sure that the book will be another winner. 

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