15 February 2017

The unicorn's tale - R.L. LaFevers (a middle grade adventure with beautiful illustrations)

The unicorn's tale
fantasy (middle grade)
#4 in the Nathaniel Flood, Beastologist series
so far the last book in the series
even though the book didn't give the series a real ending
from time to time I like to read books written for children
and when I saw "The unicorn's tale"
I knew that I needed to give it a try
because unicorns are the best
the book is beautifully illustrated
and after reading it
I can say that starting with the first book in the series would have been smarter
because I was missing some important background information
relatively short chapters
a clear language
and a writing style with a nice flow
made reading this novel easy
and should be ideal for younger readers
text and illustrations fit together perfetcly
the book took me on a nice adventure
one I enjoyed going on
but didn't love
something was missing to make me believe in the world of Nathaniel Fludd
and all the special creatures
that he meets
however I think young readers will enjoy this series
the first book is
"Flight of the Phoenix".


  1. I didn't even know RL LaFevers wrote middle grade books! I loved her YA series so this is awesome news.

    I'd be tempted to start with this one like you did based on only the title lol, but maaaaybe I will seek out the Flight of the Phoenix. :)

    1. I would definitely start with the first book in the series, and keep in mind that there's (so far) no real ending to the series which is a shame. Especially because the same happened with another middle grade series by LaFevers, the Theodosia series (http://www.rllafevers.com/Home.html). I loved that series, however hated that it ended without a good ending.

      Happy Reading!




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