01 February 2017

The Tropic of Serpents - Marie Brennan (still charming, but...)

The Tropic of Serpents
#2 in the Memoirs by Lady Trent
I had a lot of fun with the first book in the series
it was charming, special, unconventional and full of wondrous creatures
I was very excited to go on with the series
to learn more about Lady Trent
to learn what happened with her life in the last two years
after reading "The Tropic of Serpents" I can say
that I still enjoyed the writing style a lot
it's charming
I enjoy it when characters talk directly to the reader
I also enjoyed the new adventure
and discovering new animals
meeting new people
however I wanted more pages set at Lady Trent's home
a bit less of the adventure
a better balance between them
I had issues with how Lady Trent's relationship with her son was presented
it didn't fit to what I learned about her in book #1
at least not for me
in "The Tropic of Serpents"
I felt a bit disconnected to Lady Trent
and that made it hard to enjoy the story
because she is the main focus
I already have book #3 at home
and plan to read it soon
afterwards I will decide
if I want to go on with the series or not. 


  1. This series is so unique and fun! I think a lot of readers struggle with Lady Trent's relationship to her son -- it's not very sympathetic. I do think it makes a fair amount of sense though, since she's not the most nurturing person, and I've heard that it improves as the series progresses. Here's hoping that the third book will be a better fit for you! :)

    1. That's what I'm also hoping. I will read the book next week and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this time I will once again love what is going on.

      Happy Reading!




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