18 February 2017

The Chemist - Stephenie Meyer (mixed feelings)

The Chemist
romantic suspense
years ago I read the Twilight series and The Host
to this day "The Host" remains on my book shelves
because I love the book
so I decided to give Meyer's new book a chance
even though the plot
ex-agents on the run and their fight to stay alive
is one I usually don't go for
in the end "The Chemist" managed to entertain me
however the book came with a plot that should have been better
that needed to be tightened up through a good editing process
there were too many plot holes
too many moments when I had to shake my head
and the characters were missing some depth
overall I still had a good time with the story
because I didn't take things too seriously
and liked reading about most of the characters
if you are looking for a cunning suspense book
then this is not the book for you
if you are looking for an easy to read romantic suspense novel
then "The Chemist" might work for you.

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