17 February 2017

Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo (the Grisha world and I just don't fit together)

Six of Crows
first book in the Six of Crows duology
set in the world of the Grisha trilogy
I read the first two books in that trilogy some time ago
I enjoyed the first book
however was no longer interested in the Grisha world when reading book #2
now I wanted to give the Grisha world a second chance
many readers adore the Six of Crows duology
I also wanted to be amazed by Leigh Bardugo's wolrd
but unfortunately that didn't happen
I like Bardugo's writing style
however her Grisha world just doesn't manage to fascinate me in the long run
some scenes and aspects of the story here and there
were interesting and made me excited for more
but way too many other scenes just didn't manage to grab my interest
and I didn't care about the characters
not one of them
I know that other readers loved reading about them
but I couldn't connect to them
so after reading the first 100 pages
I started to skip some pages here and there
and once I reached the last page
I knew that reading the second book in the duology
wouldn't make any sense to me
I might give another book/series by Leigh Bardugo a try in the future
as long as it isn't set in the Grisha world. 

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