14 February 2017

Reading: The children of Hypnos - Francesca Zappia (free online serial, connected to "Eliza and her monsters")

Right after reading "Made you up" by Francesca Zappia I discovered that she is publishing a free online biweekly serial that is connected to her upcoming book "Eliza and her monsters". And because I'm interested in the book, I finally started reading the The children of Hypnos serial yesterday (find general info on the serial here). 

This is what the author has to say about the serial:

It's an urban fantasy about nightmare hunters, their school, the messes they get into with some nasty dreams, and really ridiculous anime-style weaponry.

The Children of Hypnos appears in my second novel, ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS. It's the main character Eliza's favorite book series.

So far eleven chapters are published in the serial and I enjoyed all of them. The story is very entertaining, it's fascinating to learn how hunting nightmares works, how the school prepares children to become dreamhunters and how Emery and Wes are becoming a team. 

Reading this serial has made me very excited about "Eliza and her monsters", I can't wait to buy and read the book once it's out in May. 

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