22 February 2017

Pucked Off - Helena Hunting (intense romance, not as funny/entertaining as expected)

Pucked Off
part of the Pucked series
can be read as a stand-alone
even though it's better
if you know the previous books
so far I have loved the series
because the novels are sexy, a bit crazy, very funny and so entertaining
Pucked Off is a bit different compared to the other books
it's less funny and light-hearted
more intense
the mood of the book reminded me of the Clipped Wings novels
another series Helena Hunting is writing
a series that didn't work for me
Pucked Off offers an intense love story
one I enjoyed reading
but didn't love
I missed lough out loud moments
which I'm used from this series
I didn't smile and laugh as often as expected
I missed sexy and absurdly funny + crazy moments
the scenes with Violet were my highlights
but there just weren't enough of them
I wanted everything to be a bit more light-hearted
couldn't completely believe in what happened to Lance in the past
especially with Tash
Lance was my least favourite hero in this series so far
I'm not saying that I didn't like him
however I couldn't warm up to him completely
couldn't connect to him
always felt as if I was missing some important facts about him
I still enjoyed reading "Pucked Off"
but expected something else from my reading experience. 


  1. It always sucks when a book in a series you're reading just doesn't hit the same mark as the rest. It's good to see the series try a slightly different tone but I'm sorry it wasn't what you were expecting. Glad to see you enjoyed it all the same and this definitely sounds like a series I should be reading based on the laugh out loud moments of the other books.

    1. The series is definitely very funny, the humour might not be for everyone and for some readers the books might be too focused on sexy moments, but for me it's pretty perfect.

      Happy Reading!




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